About HomeWay Record

  • HomeWay Record is a non-profit record label which makes music that cares. We enable independent musicians to reach their artistic vision with high-quality production and distribution, while helping empower communities affected by war. We aim to disrupt the global music scene by decommercializing the creative process and making music to rebuild dreams. All our revenues are directed towards education and rehabilitation efforts in Syria. HomeWay Record is Berlin-based and was created by independent Syrian artists.
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    We believe there is no one-size-fits-all in creativity. Our community is open to musicians from different ages, genders, backgrounds and walks of life. At HomeWay Record we develop our personalized services with the diversity of our artists in mind and constantly re-adapt to the changing needs of our community. We try to remove all the constraints that independent artists face in the music industry. That’s why all our services are free-of-charge to the musicians we work with, including a free subscription to our cutting-edge mastering service.
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    Artists who work with HomeWay enter a collaborative relationship based on shared vision and values. We meet the artist where they are in their creative process and work together until they reach their final vision for the project. Then we help them share it with the world. We distribute their music by releasing it to the public and submitting it to more than 143 distribution services and blogs, recording live acts & sessions, holding events, festivals and we manage their digital social life by art-direct their personal-brand experience to the public in a unique way.
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    Music can bring out the social, the personal, the political and the completely incomprehensible layers of life. Music does not live in a vacuum. At every level, our work reflects our aim to disrupt the creative scene and create music that cares and that empowers communities. It is important for us to stay conscious and aware of the world in which our music lives.